I found that reading forums and blogs was usually more useful than reading books. I guess there is the simple reason that forums are usually up to date with what’s going on, while some books like Programming Interactivity are out of date just when they go into print (See here). That is just a small issue really and didn't bother me much.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot. The mixture of different disciplines was refreshing. There was, of course, a heavy aspect of programming involved, which was hard at times and now poses the biggest part of my further development, but the creative aspect didn't come too short either.

I had lots of fun creating the website for this project and using a new content management system was very interesting to say the least. I had never used indexhibit before and only knew a little about wordpress and general html development.

Filling my project brain with thoughts throughout the last few months was great. I particularly enjoyed doing research on interactive installations. The community continued to amaze me in general but the best thing I have come across was definatly Chris Sugrue's Delicate Boundaries. The Brain was so helpful in keeping my thoughts organised - literally :)

Although I am not happy to submit the project as it is at the moment to the BBC, I do think I have a good prototype ready for it. The main functionailty works and brings across what I want to do. The design is a good start too I guess. I guess the most unfortunate part about this is that I am too perfectionistic. I like things to be clean and perfect. I can spend hours rewriting my code or redesigning my website. And I could probably rewrite all of the content here on this website too... over and over. So this is a good stopping point I guess. For the Masters at least.

Farewell, and see you at the Big Screen in a few weeks hopefully!