In order to run my project code and compile it yourself, you need openFrameworks and Code::Blocks (or XCode if it's a Mac) installed on your machine. You also need Quicktime installed, as openFrameworks relies on it.

Instructions on how to set up openFrameworks in Code::Blocks can be found here or alternatively in XCode here.

You can download the project files for all my prototypes below. You can get the PC versions for Code::Blocks projects or the Mac versions with XCode projects. Remember you need Quicktime installed to be able to run them. You should however be able to run the executables (exe or app) without installing openFrameworks or the relevant IDE. I have included a test video but all projects can be run using a live camera feed. Although the visual effects might not be optimised for a webcam with a single person infront, but rather for a large area with lots of people and movement... so keep that in mind when testing them.

My project's code:

I found this helpful image of the standard openFrameworks program structure on the openFrameworks wiki page. It was a good reference as a beginner and helped me understand how an openFrameworks program is set up.