MSc Project @ IOCT,DMU, UK - 2009/2010

“A passive interactive application for the BBC Big Screen in Leicester”

Project supervisors: Dr Mario Gongora and Dr Ximena Alarcon.

This project's main aim was to create a passive interactive application for the BBC Big Screen in Leicester. The core of the work is based on video input, streamed live from the space in front of the screen, via a webcam in the top left corner. The video is then modified and fed back to the screen in order to allow some interactivity with the users. Motion tracking techniques are applied in an artistic way to achieve a visually appealing image that catches the pedestrian’s eye when they pass by and encourages them to interact with what they see on the screen.

Key aims of the project:

The output of the project is a software application that will be able to run on the BBC Big Screen in Leicester. This webpage serves as the project report.

The final prototype will be running as an interactive installation in the IOCT lab on a large projection screen during the next student showcase in October. As well as this, I will also be submitting the application to the BBC, which could eventually lead to the public screening of the project on the Big Screen in Leicester.