The final prototype is the outcome of all the things I learned during the making of the first two prototypes and all the individual techniques I explored within them. I decided on one specific technique, in this case the history of blobs, and played some more with that. I concentrated completely on using the blob history and physics functions. So I ended up creating the ghost-like shapes following people around, by simply skipping out drawing some of the contours between the most current one and one from the past. So the ghost visible on the screen is the contour of 20 frames ago, if that makes sense. I added some more contours just before the last one and slowly faded them in using transparency just to add a stronger movement effect.

History Ghost

The left image shows the history of pink contours as used in prototype 02. They slowly fade into transparency so it almost looks like the person is walking very fast.

The right image on the other hand shows no contour on the current frame at all. Instead it draws the contours of the blob history in reversed order. It starts with a contour of 20 frames ago and then quickly fades into transparency. That gives the effect of a ghost chasing after the person.

I also included a single ball, similar to the previous prototypes, but in the form of a little face and random colours that update with each new frame. This happy face would bounce of walking people but none of the the incorporeal ghosts.

You can view all my videos at my vimeo page.
This includes a video of my project brain, where you can see how it's navigated in its original format, not the html version on this website.