There is a lot more work that can be done for this project. Especially for the BBC submission, I will have to put some more effort and time into it. That includes arranging meetings with Louise Angell (the BBC representative for the Leicester Big Screen) for the testing of the application on the actual Big Screen, but also a lot more technical work. The program needs to be optimised to the standards of the Big Screen and the camera input needs to be adjusted to work best with the code and the other way around.

Some ideas:

There will also be a demonstration of my project in our next showcase beginning of October, for which I will have to set it up in the IOCT Lab, which has different requirements and settings than the Big Screen of course. It will be in the inside of a room instead of in open air, which will likely change my threshold setup. Also the camera will be much closer to the people passing by, so that needs to be taken into account. Maybe this showcase can be used as an opportunity to demonstrate my project to my supervisors as well.