I started my research by getting hold of some books about computer vision and by looking at many different interactive art installations. I wanted to get a better idea what had already been done and what not and also what was possible to implement keeping the BBC Big Screen specifications in mind. It was a while since I did proper programming (not since 2007) so reading up on C++ and looking at source code of examples in books was very useful. Also my knowledge of computer vision was incredibly limited. So I spend a lot of time flicking through the big book "Machine Vision" by E. R. Davies.

I did read the book "Programming Interactivity" by Josua Noble quite extensively. I had previously decided to use openFrameworks as the programming framework of my choice and the book covered that in several chapters. The book "Learning OpenCv" by Gary Bradski and Adrian Kaehler was also useful at times, when I needed to understand a certain computer vision technique better. I obviously also studied the BBC guidelines for producing content for Big Screens, including a document about making interactive installations for them.