Next to “Hand from Above” I have looked at several other examples of actual BBC Big Screen interactive installations. See examples below.

Urban Screens 07: Overview

Interviews and images from Manchester Urban Screens 07, a conference and arts programme exploring the use of public screens for art and commerce.


Urban Screens 07: D.I.Y Ballroom

Susan Pui San Lok discusses her multimedia 'happening' at Manchester Urban Screens 07, in which members of the public were invited to join in a outdoor ballroom dance.


Urban Screens 07: Megaphone

Jury Hahn and Dan Albritton talk about their creation "Megaphone" - an interactive software that allows users to control Big Screen game elements with their mobile phones.


Urban Screens 07: Circulez Y'A_a_Rien_a_voir

Cécile Babiole's interactive work engages passers by outside Urbis in Manchester as part of the Manchester Urban Screens conference.

Rien A Voir

Urban Screens 07: 2.4 Ghz Pigeons

New Media artist Joel Porter talks about his commuter inspired interactive work that uses bluetooth to pickup on the movements of passers by.


Urban Screens 07: 8GG

Interactive New Media duo 8GG talk about their performance outside Urbis as part of Manchester Urban Screens.