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IOCT5000 Final Submission Details


How this form works. This form is designed to let the assessors know what you have submitted for the Major Project assessment.  Where appropriate (e.g. paper-based written work, CD or DVD) you must submit three copies of your work for your assessors.  Each copy must have this form as a front sheet.  Clearly, if you are submitting original artefacts, it is not possible to give 3 copies and so you need to explain clearly on this form where that work can be accessed (e.g. in the IOCT lab, in a clearly labelled box in the IOCT office, in the Lecticular lab etc)


Remember, your supporting documentation does not have to be submitted on paper – you need to choose the best format for your work.  If you would like, your supporting documentation can be in the form of an electronic portfolio. Traditionally, supporting documentation has been submitted in boxes and ring binders. Although this format works fine for paper and other print-based materials, it misses many other ways of communicating ideas. Electronic portfolios can be an effective way to more clearly present information not only through text, but also through visuals, audio, and video formats.


The table below allows you to indicate;


  1. the different components of work that you are submitting (e.g. practical work, written critical commentary)
  2. the different formats that this work is in (e.g. lenticulars, electronic portfolio)
  3. how/where the work can be accessed by the assessors (e.g.



Student Name


Student ID Number




Project Supervisor


Module Number


Assignment Title



Is your project a dissertation?           Yes               No



If your project is not a dissertation, what components are handing in?




Format and Quantity

Where can it be accessed?

Practical Component


(Visual art work)





In a labelled box in the IOCT Office

Supporting Documentation


(Electronic Portfolio showing: a) development of project and contextualisation of work and


b) critical reflection of the project)

(Web page, including examples of developmental work



Reflective Blog)










1.2 Please note the following technical information necessary to access and view my assignment:

(E.g. urls, passwords etc.)


Section 2 Self-Assessment 


Please respond to the following questions just before you hand your work in. Write as much or as little as you wish.




Your reply


What did you like most about doing this piece of work?



What did you like least about doing this piece of work?



What do you think is the thing you did best?



What do you think you did least well?



What was the most useful thing you learned from doing this work?