Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces
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TSPS is a cross-platform Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces.

The Toolkit for Sensing People in Spaces (TSPS) works by extending the energy of a person, through face, body and other assigned detection technology and revealing a visual interpretation of that person through software.

TSPS was developed in Openframeworks for use in design, prototyping, and installed systems.

The basic structure is a server client model with the server sending OSC, TUIO, or TCP info to a client which could be in oF, Processing, Flash, PD, Max, vvvv, etc. (anything that can listen to OSC).

We plan on using this for retail, fine arts installations, rapid prototyping, educational workshops, and providing the source openly for use in production. It builds on the backs of giants and our hope is that we can contribute ways to make it easier for beginners to explore computer vision while also providing a framework for experts to build off of. Part of our goal is to provide quality over quantity of options in terms of the data sent out.

TSPS was started as a collaboration between the LAB at Rockwell Group and the LABS at IDEO. It began as an initiative between Dave Vondle (IDEO) and Joshua Walton (LAB at Rockwell Group) with many of the key components generated through the hard work of James Tichenor, Brett Renfer, and James George who in turn also used components from the openframeworks community, who in turn built upon many open source projects.

Special thanks to the teams that develop Openframeworks, OpenCV, and the many individuals who are all working on creating better computer vision systems.