Sensing Places LLC
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"Founded in 2002 by Flavia Sparacino, PhD, Sensing Places is a spin-off from the prestigious Massachussetts Institute of Technology where Sparacino - Sensing Places founder/director - conducted research in real-time body tracking and interactive cinema for seven years.

She started the company, moreover, along with several of her former MIT students and collaborators."


"Our Mission:

In our view architecture is no longer concerned merely with designing appealing containers for people and things. In combination with Perceptual Intelligence modeling techniques and state-ofthe- art sensing technology, we endow architectural spaces with the ability to sense, respond and adapt to the way people experience, interact with and use them.

We create living, sensitive people-driven spaces that are at once engaging, entertaining and elegant. Spaces that will also make an invaluable contribution to the definition of a new concept of architecture for the third millennium."